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Jegums Trick or Treat

DKJUCH, KLBJCH, Toy Junior Winner 2023, Horne Junior Vinder 2023, Future Hope of Europe 2023
Født d. 8 oktober 2023
Date of birth: October 8, 2023
Jegums Copyright
Aimable Croissant De Cuteberry
Jegums Dreams of Perfection
Cartoonland´s Apache 
Eimi Janus-Suzi
Kalle Cattledrivers Castle 
Jegums Terrific Aimee
Queen Latifah from Cotonofhappyness
Elino White Angel of Paradise
Coco-Chanel from Cotonofhappyness
Hades White Angel of Paradise
Zarina Weisse Tiger vom Wendlandshof
Lobo from Donna with Love
Tiffany from the Champs of Brandenburg
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