Hunde/Dogs / Queen Latifah from Cotonofhappyness

Komplet tandsæt

CMR2 : Clear
BnaT: Clear 
HU: Clear 
DM: Clear 
Wvd1: Clear
PH1: Clear 
PRA-prcd: Clear

Patella lux: Grad 1 

Øjne/Eyes: Clear

Queen Latifah from Cotonofhappyness

Elino White Angel of Paradise
 Hades White Angel of Paradise

Zarina Weisse Tiger wom Wendlandhof
Bubble gum vom Zotteligen Zamperl 

Aischa of the Emperor´s Dream 


Jil Weisse Tiger wom Wendlandhof
Coco-Chanel from Cotonofhappyness
 Lobo From Donna with Love 

Tiffany From the Champs of Brandenburg
Flupke Des Jardins De Gossypium

Horchidee Du Paradise Blanc

Reggae De Lécho Des Elingues

Ultimos Sweet Dreams from Champs of Brandenburg 
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